About Sonoma County 4H Camp

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Welcome to the Sonoma County 4-H Camp blog!

What you will be able to find at this website:

Information about camp
Camper forms
Teen staff forms
Chaperone forms
Contact info for camp coordinators
Camp blog
Directions to camp

And more!

Camp IJune 26 – July 1
Camp II –July 2 – July 7

For teen staff:

Spring STW: March 31 – April 2

Purpose of Camp

The purpose of Sonoma County 4-H Summer Camp is to provide an outdoor setting for group living where young people can design a program to meet the needs of all youth. The camp experience will provide an opportunity for all participants to gain a deeper understanding of their relationships to their fellow man and the natural environment.

The core of the Sonoma County 4-H camp education program is to empower young people to share as partners in decision making, camp planning and implementation, and camp leadership on a day-to-day basis.

Goals of Camp
* To provide opportunities to experience personal growth in self-confidence and self-esteem.
* To develop an awareness, appreciation and understanding of the Las Posadas natural environment, including a concern for conservation and stewardship.
* To develop new friends and create lasting friendships.
* To develop a program that makes fun a priority.
* To provide outstanding learning opportunities.
* To develop opportunities for everyone to learn and practice leadership skills.
* To model group living skills in a healthy and safe environment.

As in most 4-H activities, camp is run by teens, called “staffers,” who start meeting in the fall to organize all the aspects of camp- everything from the food to the themes for the events.  There is one teen staffer to every five youth (called campers).  There are, of course, adult chaperones there as well (one for every ten campers) and a nurse and a lifeguard on staff.

Campers take part in all the classic summer camp activities- hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, skits and songs around the campfire.  Campers sleep outside under the stars on raised wooden platforms- girls on one side, boys on the other.  Each side has its own bathrooms and shower.

If you have questions about camp, please contact us.

2017 Camp Needs

It takes many adult volunteers to make camp happen! Currently we are in need of volunteers for:

  • Camp I & II Adult chaperones

Please contact any one of the camp coordinators if you are able to help with any of these jobs.

Camp Coordinators

Camp I:
Lisa Bianchi (707) 484-5374

Camp II:
Michelle Machado (707) 778-1781



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