Update on Butts Fire for Camp 1 families

July 2, 9:40 a.m.

Hello Everyone,
The official morning Butts fire update: 3200 acres/30% containment- Fire continues to travel north – in direction away from camp.

I spoke with Lisa Bianchi this morning. All is calm in camp and despite all this, they are having an excellent time! The smoke is still blowing in the opposite direction, so there continues to be no signs or smell of smoke in camp. The campers remain unaware that the fire is going on, so no need to worry about the kids having any anxiety about it. Lisa asked me to remind you to try to refrain from calling up to camp. The camp phone is a single line and they want to make sure it stays open for Cal Fire updates, etc. Because things have settled down, and the risk to camp is very very low at this time, I will make this my last update. We continue to monitor this situation very closely, and of course I will keep you guys posted if there are any changes. If you would like to check on the fire status, Cal-fire has an excellent website, that they update every couple of hours. As always, if you have any questions, or just want to check in, please feel free to call me. (707) 529-1511

Have a good day,

July 1, 10pm

Hello everyone,
I wanted to send out one more email tonight with the Cal-Fire update as of 9:30:
#ButtsFire [update] in Pope Valley, northwest of Lake Berryessa (Napa County) is now 2,700 acres & 30% contained.

The fire continues to head in the direction away from camp and still no smell of smoke. Rest assured… if there are any changes we will notify you.

July 1, 7pm

Hello Camp 1 Families,

Many of you are calling with concern about the Butts Fire that is currently burning near Angwin. We want you to know that camp is very safe at this time, as the fire is moving in the opposite direction. We are in close contact with Cal-Fire, are receiving regular updates, and plan to stay in contact with them all night. Please rest assured that your child is safe. In the event that something changes we have a safety and evacuation plan, and you will be notified immediately by phone and updated. I (Michelle) spoke with Coordinators, Lisa Bianchi & Gabbi McGrath a few minutes ago. They said that there is no smell of smoke in camp and the campers are completely unaware that the fire is even going on. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns. My number is (707) 529-1511.
Thank You,
Michelle Machado – Camp Coordinator


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